Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{How to make} Chocolate covered oreos!

If you missed last post, this week I will be sharing several ideas on easy to make party treats. All of which take little effort but big effect with just some chocolate and a maybe some sprinkles....without baking a thing! For today...chocolate covered oreos! I had planned on fortune cookies...but then I remembered today was Oreos 100th birthday! This was pointed out by my husband, a devote lover of oreos. And no birthday goes uncelebrate around here!

 If you thought oreos couldn't get any better, they can with a little chocolate!

My first attempt with these was a complete fail! Chocolate everywhere, broken oreos, clumps of chocolate on them, a puddle of chocolate around them, several oreos broken up in the chocolate, epic fail. They looked nothing like something I wanted to serve. But my clean up crew didn't mind, after all no matter how much you mess it up...it's still chocolate and oreos!

Here are the tricks and tips I've learned to make these little babies look as yummy as they taste. :)

Oh and I am sorry about the crappy photos...this was a late night project!

Ingredients: Chocolate/candy melts, oreos, and sprinkles if desired. Milk chocolate works GREAT on these too..I was simply using up ingredients in the house.

Here is my set up. As I have said before having a clean organized space is seriously KEY in making pretty treats. The more messy my workspace is..the more messy my treats come out. I keep a paper towel or two out to clean up chocolate off my fingers. Then I line up the chocolate bowls, sprinkles, and the oreo pan.

I layer a pan with wax paper (for easy clean up) under a cookie cooling rack.
This is how I keep the choclate from pooling up around the cookie! Instead of drying around it the little excess drips off onto the was paper. Easy peasy.

Step 1: Melt you chocolate. I shared a little more here.  But remember to melt slow and steady! Once the chocolate is melted stir really well and let sit for a minute!

Step 2: Lay the oreo on a fork. Don't dip it into the chocolate! Use a spoon to pour it over the chocolate! This is how I get a smooth coat over the top.

Step 3: Gently tap on the side of the bowl until the excess has dripped off. I didn't get a great picture of this..but I actually move it to the opposite side of the bowl so my fork is angled up, fork prongs on the edge while tapping handle of the fork over the bowl. (clear as mud?) I have found that way I get a lot less cookies falling off! And don't worry they will fall off! Just scoop up recover with chocolate and start over. No worries! When I first started doing these I am pretty sure 99% fell off :)

Step 4 (optional):  hold the oreo over your sprinkles bowl and cover! Remember to use the bowl so you can reuse your sprinkles. Sanding sugar works best for these.

Step 5. Lay the oreo down on the cooling rack. If you are leaving it plain or used sprinkles..you're all done! If you'd like the stripe effect fill a plastic baggie with chocolate, melt, cut tip and move quickly across the cookie while on the rack, shown here. This time you don't have to move it at all.

Just let them sit on the tray for a few hours so they can really get hard.

Of course you can change up the colors to suit just about any theme. And if your really wanting to go a little farther you can always add a fondant element before they dry.  Here's some I did last year for the twins birthday last year. I was still learning :) They just so happen to be the same colors...ha!

And there you have it...a quick easy treat that probably won't be around for too long ;)