Monday, March 19, 2012

Miley and Bailey's Pink and Purple Party!

It's offcial, we have made it through two years of crazy chotic fun. Tomorrow our little girls Miley and Bailey are turning two! Can this really be? 

Just having moved to NY I wasn't sure if I was going to have a party for them this year. Once I decided to go ahead and throw them a little party with their new friends I had about a week to gather everything up, ah! :) I wanted it to be cute and simple with 2 year old elements. I picked pink and purple because ever since birth if we bought them different colors of anything Miley got pink and Bailey got purple. This actually began before birth when I made them bracelets with their names on them. We wanted something just incase we couldn't tell them apart! HA! Little did we know our baby girls would come out exact opposites, with the only thing in common being they shared a birthday!

Miley is sweet and sassy...Bailey is cute and crazy...and together they make the perfect combo!

 I kept everything sweet and simple with pink, purple, gingham, polka dots, pinwheels and ballons.
I love how it all came together. Here are the pictures! Enjoy!
I love how simple and sweet the dessert table turned out! I made cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, pretzels, and of course cake.

I found these perfect cupcake wrappers from Sweet Estelles on etsy. I also ordered the bakers twine and paper straws from her shop. I can never have enough paper straws!

I love how simple and pretty the cake turned out! I found these pinwheels at Target and I made some tiny bunting to spruce up the cake platter.

The girls got a little suprise when the cake was cut, I layered the cake in pink and purple...I seriously love coloring cake!

I always love an reason to make these cookies! These are always a party favorite gone in a flash. I kept them simple to go along with the rest of the party. I attempted to make gingham..I think they turned out pretty good for an amature!

For the "big kids" I set out strawberry soda and grape soda.


One of my favorite easy treats to make.

I was so thankful it Easter is out in the stores! I was able to grab up some pink and purple M & M's right off the shelf.


For food we served hama and turkey sandwhiches, yogurt drops, grapes, chocolate covered popcorn, wonton appetizers, and a cheeseball with crackers. The kiddos got berry juice boxes.

I think out of everything I made I am most proud of the pinata! One night I randomly decided I wanted to attempt making a pinata..and it turned out really great! It was a pull string, appropriate for toddlers of course. Oh and it was stuffed with pink and purple candy, bubbles, necklaces, and slinkies!

For the favors I sent the kids home with homemade sidewalk paint, and the parents took home some popcorn!

For their birthday daddy and I got them their first bikes! One of them was actually handed down from big sister. I was so happy to be able to find a second 2 years later!

To make the party fun for the littles daddy blew up lots of ballons to cover the floor.

Here is a few shots of my happy little girls enjoying their special time!

Miley Jean!


Bailey Jade!

I'm so glad we were able to celebrate with new friends! The girls had a blast and really enjoyed their special day!