Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chocolate Covered Rice Crispies

If your just joining in, this week I'm sharing several different treats you can easily spruce up with just a little chocolate and some sprinkles, no baking required! Although baking is SO much fun and I love decorating with detail...there's no always time for that! Sometimes we realize at bedtime we need a special treat for the morning! (I've been guilty of that SO many times) First we covered pretzels, and then oreos, and today...rice crispies!!!

Rice crispies are good, but they aren't my first choice in picking a treat to bring or serve. They are kinda...boring right? Add a coat of chocolate and it's a whole other story! These are so great for kids, and they travel so well and can be packaged up nice and neat.

And I have great news for you mammas needing a break. My favorite kind of rice crispy is right out of the package.  Homemade rice crispies just don't measure up (that's a first here!). I love using Kellogs rice crispies and just covering them in chocolate, and of course they can be made to match any event!

 I cover them in chocolate just as I do the oreos. When I just want the top I just lay the top of the rice crispie on the chocolate and pull up, then scrape on the side of the bowl.

Want to make these a little more fun? Just add a stick! Kids love to eat anything off a stick.

 So there you have it. Turn a plain rice crispie into a really fun treat! I think I will make some for the girls easter baskets this year :)